Invited speakers will include experts and innovators from across Canada who specialize in higher education IT, advanced research computing, data management, and digital infrastructure.

There will also be opportunities for members of Canada’s IT and research communities to submit presentations and contribute to program sessions. Further details on these Calls for Submissions will be posted on this page in the coming months.

Keynote Speakers

Every 48 hours we produce as much information as we once did from the dawn of humankind to the year 2003. This explosion in data is crashing headfirst into the scientific revelation that the human brain has a limit to the rate at which it can metabolize new information and adapt. Enter award-winning sociobiologist and business leader, Rebecca Costa.

No stranger to tough competition, Jon is the host of CTV’s Amazing Race Canada. He won the Olympic gold in Vancouver 2010 by 0.07 seconds. Jon became the second Canadian in a row to win gold in a men’s Olympic skeleton event.

Wednesday Keynote
Julielynn Wong

Julielynn Wong, MD, MPH, is a Harvard-educated, award-winning physician, innovator, and journalist. Dr. Wong combines knowledge and real-world expertise in technology and innovation for healthcare.