The CANHEIT | HPCS 2016 program is now available online! Thank you to everyone who submitted session proposals for our event. We’ve got an exciting lineup of diverse topics and engaging speakers from across the country.

Example sessions include:

  • Service Provider or Trusted Ally: The Perception of Central IT in the Current Higher Ed IT Landscape
  • Let’s Deal with Trust Issues: Building an IT Framework that Optimizes Collaboration while Protecting User Data
  • In With the New, Out With the Old: How to Decommission Legacy IT Systems
  • Women in Technology: Diversity of Leadership
  • Computational Astrophysics: Gravitational Waves, Black Holes and Neutron Stars
  • Bridging the Last Mile: A Platform for Data Management and Analytics in Campuses and Research Labs
  • Harnessing Neuroscience Data: A Network of Platforms
  • Guiding selective breeding in honey bees using protein biomarkers

Please note, we’re still accepting poster submissions in any topics related to:

  • IT / Technology in higher education
  • Applications of High performance computing (HPC) / Advanced research computing (ARC)
  • Research in any discipline

To submit a poster for CANHEIT | HPCS 2016, click here.